English for Academic Purposes

4 lessons per week

The overall goal of the EAP program is to provide students with ongoing support to equip them with the linguistic, grammatical and conceptual tools to succeed in the MYP and later at the IB Diploma. 

As parents and educators many of us still have vivid memories of challenging academic experiences and we feel we can relate with the students. However, at CAIS, most of students are also studying a full range of subjects in a non-native language, English. 

Recognizing the challenge of this task, the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) class provides additional support for English language learners. The EAP class is aligned with the MYP English Language Acquisition class, and is therefore divided into different levels of English ability and organized around conceptual units focusing on personal identity, cultures, and our place in the ever-changing global community. 

For students at beginner level there is a strong lexis and grammar orientation to provide a framework to allow for effective communication, both oral and written. As students progress there will be an increased emphasis on informational texts, allowing for a greater integration of interdisciplinary studies across the MYP.