Psychology is a built on multi-faceted discipline concerned with the scientific study of behaviors and mental processes. In the academic setting, we achieve this through critical study, use, and evaluation of various topical lenses (biological, cognitive, and sociocultural factors), research methods, and ethics. Our topical lenses are studied both individually and through applied areas. 


By the end of the psychology course at SL or at HL, students will be expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge and comprehension of specified content 
  • Application and Analysis of relevant knowledge
  • Synthesis and evaluation 
  • Selection and use of skills appropriate to psychology 
  • Appropriate skills include, but are not limited to, the following: collaboration, critical thinking, and acknowledge and adherence to ethical guidelines; time management; communicating clearly and concisely


Assessment takes place on both the external and internal levels. The external assessment varies by level (SL/HL) and reflects the extensions and additional topic HL students undertake. All questions are answered in essay format, though command term determines length and complexity of the response expected. The internal assessment is identical across the two levels: replicate and report your direct findings of a simple psychological experiment. Students must work in groups to plan and implement the experimental sessions, though analysis and conclusions are made individually.