CAIS Secondary students have a rigorous, challenging, holistic education experience with a focus on experiential learning.



There are two IB programmes in the Secondary School.  The Middle Years Programme (MYP) runs from MYP1 (Grade 6) to MYP 5 (Grade 10). The Diploma Programme (DP) runs from DP1 (Grade 11) to DP2 (Grade 12).

The academic year is organized into two terms, with a progress report at the end of term one and a final report card being issued at the end of the academic year. Parents attend Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) twice during the year with their child to discuss their progress directly with their teachers.



All students study the IB Programmes through the English language. In the Middle School students who require additional English support receive extra English classes, which are an integral part of the CAIS English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme.

The Secondary School Schedule

The School day starts at 7:50 with a 5-minute Homeroom Advisory session.  The Secondary school is organized on an eight-day cycle, eight-block schedule, with six 55-minute blocks per day which allows greater flexibility.

Units of Learning and Student Unit Fact Sheets

Learning in Secondary  is divided into chunks of learning called Units. A Unit is similar to a  project in that it covers a specific area . Each Unit is from 4-8weeks in duration and is assessed at the end according to criteria. Each teacher gives students a Student Unit Fact-Sheet for each Unit of work at both MYP and DP before the Unit commences.  These contain all the relevant information for the learning, including what is going to be learnt and how it is going to be assessed. Teachers post these on ManageBac.

Secondary School Handbook 2023-24

There is simply many too much information to mention here. All necessary information regarding the functioning of the Secondary School is contained in the newly updated Secondary Handbook. This can be accessed online clicking on the  image  below:

Holistic Education

Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs) take place four times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:10 to 4:25PM, after the regular academic program, offering a wide range of activities and sports.

Student Services

Students in each grade level are organized in Home Room groups of between 10-15 students with their own Home Room Advisor. Home Room groups meet every morning in Advisory for registration and notices. Students also have a dedicated Advisory lesson once every eight-day cycle to deliver our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. The Head of Student Services oversees the SEL curriculum.


All CAIS students are organized into one of 4 Houses, Wolves, Foxes, Vipers and Dragons to allow for friendly opportunities for inter-school competition in sports, games and activities.