(not live/not online at the same time)

ALL DP Teacher post learning tasks on MANAGEBAC

Teachers message students through MANGAEBAC to clarify issues and give feedback

Teachers may also post additional recorded videos for your to support your learning


(live, online at the same time)

DP teachers schedule at least one weekly live video session with each class

DP Homeroom Teachers will schedule a  live video session with their Homeroom class every day


Click on your class from the menu below on the left for a summary of all the work set for you.





DP 2



Live Video -

As well as all the tasks posted on Managebac live broadcasts will also support student learning ALL Teachers use ZOOM to broadcast live to their classes. 

Please note: ALL ZOOM video broadcasts should be recorded.


1. Watch the Videos below on how to download and use ZOOM

2. DP Subject Teachers will schedule at least one live ZOOM video session per week with each class at a mutually convenient time

3. ALL DP Homeroom Teachers will schedule a  live video session with their class every day

4. Student attendance on each live ZOOM video session will be recorded by the teacher.


Watch these videos below for simple instructions.


How to install Zoom

How to join a Zoom meeting after installation

Recorded Video

Shortly, Secondary Teachers will also make and share short videos.  These will provide additional support, advice and resources. These will all be made available on one online location.