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Student Learning 

Our classrooms reopened for face-to-face lessons for MYP4, MYP5 and DP2 students on Monday April 20th.

WE ARE OPERATING A FULL SCHEDULE. All Secondary teachers currently in Changchun (36/44) are in school everyday. 

Student learning is very much continuing at CAIS online. All CAIS teachers are working full-time creating meaningful learning experiences for students of all ages. Please ensure that your child is benefiting from this Online Learning opportunity.

Important Notice: Please click, download and read the CAIS Online Learning e-Safety Policy. 


Reopening Practice Video

Early Years and Primary  

All CAIS Early Years and Primary teachers have set work for students using the TODDLE FAMILY app. Parents who have downloaded this app can access the work for their children. A group has been created for each class in WeChat.  

Secondary MYP and DP

All CAIS Secondary teachers have set work online for students through the Managebac platform. Work is set in each subject on a weekly basis. Students sign-in to their account to access the work, ask questions and submit completed work.

CLICK on the menu below to find a summary of the work set for each class set on all platforms

Toddle Family App

Toddle Family App

All Early Years students learn through the IB PYP with a focus on Inquiry-led learning.

All CAIS Early Years teachers have set work for students using the TODDLE FAMILY app.

Parents who have downloaded this app can access the work for their children. 



A group has been created for               each Early Years class by teachers in WeChat.  

Additional work and information is sent by the teacher too this group.

The TA translates the main topics and tasks into Chinese.

Parents can ask questions and teachers can answer.




Live Video -

All CAIS Teachers use ZOOM to broadcast live to their classes. 

Please note: ALL ZOOM video broadcasts should be recorded.


1. Watch the Videos below on how to download and use ZOOM

2. The teacher will liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet online with their students                                                                                    

3. Primary students should be accompanied by an adult

4. Student attendance will be recorded by the teacher.


How to install Zoom

How to join a Zoom meeting after installation

Advice for parents

The most important way that parents can assist their students during this time is to help set the right environment for study. This can be done by:

1. Check the class list of all work that is due for each subject or class. 

2. Work with your child to set a timetable for their study which includes breaks and stipulates which subjects will be completed during each session.

3. Your child work in a common space and remove items that may cause distraction. Students require their laptop or iPad to complete work, so it is necessary to regularly monitor your child's progress.

4. Discuss the work completed with your child and compare against the class list.

5. If it is clear that your child is having difficulty completing the work due to technological, language or any reason, please contact the teacher. There are EAL and Learning Support specialists available to assist. Students and parents can also contact their homeroom teachers or relevant coordinators.

CAIS students are in different geographical locations and time zones. To facilitate this Online learning occurs in two main categories. 


Students and teachers  occupy the same digital space and interact live, at the same time.

For example;

Students  participate in a live video session hosted by the subject teacher.

Students participate in a live video session hosted by the Homeroom teacher

Students participating in a live,  online discussion being moderated by the teacher 

Students collaborate through video on groups on work


Students are engaged in work but not interacting with the class and/or teacher at the same time. 

For example;

Students complete an exercise posted on Managebac

Students view a a recorded video recorded by the teacher 

Students view a resources video posted by the teacher 

Students contribute to an online discussion forum with written comments