Primary and Early Years Learning Leaders

From top-left to bottom-right: Agustín Onsari, Michael Rylance, Mark Piorier, Jason Hayes, Mathew Townsend, Colin Attwood, Rebecca Herbst, Sarah Boyle, Joyce Ju, Leah Hayes, Lily Chang, Liza Rojas, Maria Agustina

The Primary learning leaders support and coordinate teaching and learning as well as the social, emotional and well-being of all students from Pre-K to PYP5. 

Secondary Leadership Team

From left to right: Santo Kurniwan-DP Coordinator, Flynn Boyle-MYP Coordinator, Stephen Rhodes-Head of Subject Science and University Counselor, James Mc Crory-Head of School and Acting Secondary Principal, Kristian Dumicic-Head of ECA, Heide Turner-Student Well Being & Community Advisor, Istvan Csonka-Students Wellbeing & Community Advisor, Addington Damian-Head of House

The Secondary leadership team supports learning and the social, emotional and well-being of students from MYP1 to DP2,  which includes over 180 students and more than 35 teachers.  The MYP Coordinator supports and facilitates the MYP programme from MYP1 to MYP5 (grades 6-10). The DP Coordinator supports and facilitates the DP programme from DP1 to DP2 (grades 11-12). The Student Well Being & Community (SWBC) Advisors oversee and support the social, emotional and well-being of all secondary students from MYP1 to DP2, and coordinate the Home Room Advisors. The College Counselor works with students beginning in MYP4 (grade 8) to familiarize them with career opportunities and different courses. In DP1 and DP2 students have individual appointments with the CGO to guide and support their college applications.