CAIS welcomes students aged 3 years old on 1st September to its Pre-K classes. Each class has an experienced and qualified international early years classroom teacher, a Chinese speaking Teaching Assistant (TA) and a class helper, the equivalent of a nanny to assist students. School begins at 7:55 am and finishes at 2:35pm. A typical day includes a mixture of Unit Of Inquiry classes, specialist classes and outdoor play time. 

PreK provides the foundation for a child’s education journey. PreK classes have a focus on developing the skills necessary to excel as enthusiastic, life-long learners. Academic instruction is grouped into four Units of Inquiry (UOI), with the skills of childhood development embedded into the academic focus of each unit. 

CAIS Pre-K students develop:

Emotional skills

Children are provided guidance to develop tolerance, empathy, respect and appreciation towards others and themselves.

Social skills

 Children are given opportunities to develop the ability to cooperate with other students through working together and sharing toys. 

Cognitive skills

Children’s natural curiosity is actively encouraged with opportunities to investigate topics they are interested in. Children are also encouraged to create their own ideas and thoughts through asking and answering ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.

Physical skills

 A great focus is placed on both fine motor and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are encouraged through play activities to develop the muscles necessary for writing. Gross motor skills are developed during outdoor play and specialist classes. 

Self-Help skills

Students are encouraged to be independent in their actions and given the time and space to complete activities by themselves. This in turn develops the children’s confidence in their abilities.

Together these skills learnt in PreK will assist their education as the students progress throughout the different stages of the PYP program.