K1 classes consist of students between 4 & 5 years old. At this age a child's brain is still in the early stages of development. For some this is their first year at school and it is a quite a daunting experience. Many are shy, scared, not familiar to others outside their family group and have difficulties forming social connections. This is the time they are introduced to rules and routines we have in school and society. Language is also important in K1, children learn new languages, and are introduced in to our Jolly Phonics programme. This programme is designed to teach students the letter sounds, phonics, and phonemes. We improve our Fine Motor skills as we practice letter writing and writing simple sentences. In Mathematics, we learn how important it is in everyday life, learning the concept of numbers, patterns and even simple additions and subtractions.
Throughout the Early Years, every team member understands what an important and responsible role they have in the students learning journey, how an unhappy experience can have a lasting effect on each child. Early year teachers are chosen for their caring, friendly attitude and their patience, understanding that there is a delicate balance in pushing students beyond their limits and making learning challenges enjoyable. They are able to recognise a Student's strengths and weaknesses through assessments and create diverse ways to increase the student reaching their true potential and ability. But in Early Years we do not only educate our students academically, we teach them how to become valuable members of society. We offer a safe, happy environment for them to learn, encouraging them to have confidence and knowledge to make the right choices in the future.