In PYP4, the students study six Units of Inquiry (UOI). The units are based around organizing themes, which are covered throughout the school year.

These themes act as a vehicle of learning, where the students make meaningful connections between theory and application in the real world.

Units of inquiry and the themes elicit ideas of local and global significance that all of humanity shares in different parts of the world. 

In the Who We Are unit, the students inquire into body systems and how they work, how body systems are interdependent and the impact of lifestyle choices on the body.

In Where We Are In Place and Time unit, students learn about the reasons why people have migrated throughout history, how people can prepare for migration and the effects of migration on communities, culture and individuals.

In How We Express Ourselves unit, students inquire into how images, text and music are used to influence the behavior of a targeted audience. They learn about the ways in which advertisements and media influence us and how can we critically evaluate messages presented in the media.

In How the World Works unit, students inquire into how the manufacturing process creates by-products and how they can be reduced. They learn about how people design and create products through a variety of scientific methods.

In How We Organize Ourselves unit, students inquire into the role of supply and demand, the distribution of goods and services and the rights and responsibilities of consumers.

In Sharing the Planet unit, students inquire into how collaboration and the responsible management of globally limited resources can achieve sustainability for future generations.