Toddle Family App

CAIS uses the Toddle platform for supporting student learning in Early Years and Primary. Download the Toddle Family App for your phone for convenience.

TODDLe family app - android 

Students in Primary experience intense intellectual, physical and emotional growth and a great curiosity to understand themselves, others and nature. Our Primary Program provides a warm, caring, student centered learning environment as students engage in meaningful learning.
Our curriculum builds on the cognitive and social skills students learn in our Early Years Program, adding to the foundation of knowledge and skills essential to their success in life. Our dual language program aims to develop students’ bilingualism and bi-literacy, academic achievement, and cross-cultural competencies. 

Programs are developmental in nature and recognize individual differences in learning styles and the pace at which each student develops. Classes are limited to 20 students, and each class receives the support of a Teaching Assistant. 

Transdisciplinary units of inquiry help develop students’ talents and encourage cooperation, unity and appreciation for diversity by addressing a wide variety of themes, such as moral values, health, ecology, cultural pluralism, peace, and the physical, emotional and cognitive changes that are hallmarks of the elementary years.

Primary School Handbook 2023-24