Outdoor Education

The overarching aim of the CAIS Outdoor Education Programme is to allow students to develop a meaningful connection with nature so that they recognize their role in a rapidly changing world. The IB mission statement reminds us that education is our way of ensuring that future generations will “recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, to help create a better and more peaceful world”. 

Outdoor projects, by nature, require peer collaboration more than the average classroom activity. This empowers students to develop their soft skills and become better team players which are highly sought after in the professional world. In addition, students taking part in the Outdoor Education Program will also build skills in the following areas: navigation, cooking, survival, knot tying, shelter building, first-aid, climbing, kayaking and many more. They develop self-confidence and broaden their boundaries.

Real life experience is an essential part of the learning process. Not that the learning going on in the classroom is meaningless, far from it but first-hand experience is much more concrete and easy to grasp. Students often have a better understanding of academic concepts when they are able to touch, feel and do.

CAIS is authorized by the Duke Of Edinburgh International Award. Ms. Tina Martins continues to  offer the initial Bronze Award programme to groups of students. In May 2022, the latest group completed the programme.

By joining any outdoor education program, we strive to help every student at CAIS grow into responsible adults. Furthermore, the use of kinesthetic memory allows better understanding of academic concepts by putting them into practice. This not only provides more memorable experiences but is also a concentration and behaviour enhancer in and out the classroom.

Scuba Diving trip

After many months preparation the first CAIS Scuba-diving trip was organized and led by Mr Paul Bergot to the Phillipines, accompanied by Ms Geraldine Jourdan-Joly.