The CAIS Library is an important and fundamental part of the teaching-learning process.

The library offers different types of printed and online materials to support the development of the IB curriculum. In 2018, the library was completely refurbished and expanded to offer additional spaces for the different age groups. Our collection has around 37,000 books, magazines, and subscriptions to databases. The CAIS Library team emphasizes the development of research skills, academic honesty and preparing students to be active, independent and responsible users of information. The CAIS Library team works to inspire students to discover a life-long passion for reading.

The Secondary library program

The secondary library program focuses on two basic goals, research skills and reading. Through an embedded program, the library supports the secondary students in understanding and practicing ethical use of information, including academic honesty and digital citizenship. In collaboration with MYP and DP teachers, the library provides extensive teaching and learning opportunities and resources to support the development of research skills essential not only for the IB program requirements like the Personal Project and Extended Essay, but also to navigate an increasingly complex information landscape beyond the classroom. 

Reading is foundational to academic success and personal development. The CAIS library collection supports the secondary curriculum as well as a culture of reading. Through reading promotion programs, clubs, and conversations, the library team connects readers with books they love. We believe that books can spark curiosity, inquiry, as well as connections to ourselves and others. Secondary students are encouraged to help shape the library program and collection by participating in feedback surveys and the Library Advisory Committee