College Guidance Office

The College Guidance team is led by Mr Robert McClure (USA) who is assisted by Miss Yao. The team is responsible to ensure every student is well prepared for any and all post-secondary opportunities. They take a holistic approach with each individual student, and guarantee a path to success. The team consistently work with students in order to create and maintain personal four-year plans which compile career interests, academic strengths, awards, extracurricular activities, leadership actions, community service, and anything that is beneficial to post-secondary planning. Regular contact with students, both individually and in groups, ensures they are given appropriate guidance and assistance as they plan for the future. The College Guidance team understand that communication is of utmost importance, so we aim to provide a positive, motivating, and comfortable environment for students as they strive to become lifelong learners and productive global citizens.


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CAIS Graduates

Our graduates are studying all around the world including: USA Columbia, Harvard, New York University, Penn State, UCLA, Boston University, Purdue University, Canada McGill University, University of British Colombia, University of Toronto, Australia University of Melbourne, UK University of Edinburgh, Royal Holloway University of London, Kings College London, Europe Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Maastricht University Netherlands, Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Asia Chung-Ang University, Korea, the University of Hongkong and LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore).