Drama Productions

The Early Years musical play is a collaborative presentation featuring all Nursery, Pre K, K1 and K2 students. The musicals are dramatic, musical retellings of a familiar children’s story.  Students rehearse songs and lines in their class music lessons to build their confidence in performing. Children also become risk takers by conducting a final performance for teachers, parents and peers near the end of the year.

Students wear character costumes and make up for the performances.

The Primary musical play is a collaborative presentation featuring all Grade 1-5 students.  Auditions for main cast speaking roles occur in December and January. Students in PYP2 through PYP5 are encouraged to be risk-takers and participate in auditions. The audition process includes singing a short excerpt of a song from the musical and a cold dramatic reading.  The students chosen for main roles are committed to rehearse and memorize their lines, sing solo/small ensemble songs, and develop a sense of stage awareness. These combined elements help cast members develop a strong, relational bond.  The cast has at least 2 full ensemble rehearsals a week during their Extracurricular Activity time.

Each Primary grade level learns a different song and accompanying choreographed dance.  Students develop musicianship and dancing skills through full grade level rehearsals. Students also wear character costumes and makeup for the performances.