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The School Office

Contact the School Office team directly for all inquiries from CAIS parents regarding education at CAIS. All parent requests/queries are added to the School Office Contact Log where the progress of how we deal with each communication is recorded and can be tracked.  

School Office Tel: (+86) 431 - 8458 1234 - 802/803/804/526/570


Admissions Office

See the Admissions section on the website for more extensive information. We are currently creating an online form for applications.

Contact our Admissions team for any queries and information regarding your children joining CAIS. Our Admissions team speak both English and Chinese.


Tel: (+86) 431-8458-1234 ext 240

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HR Office

There is extensive information on working at CAIS and living in Changchun in our Employment section on the website. We are also currently creating an online form for applications. 

The HR team comprised of Miss Lucy, Miss Lareina and Miss Dayle  is led by the highly experienced Miss Darrie who has been with CAIS for 12 years.


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