Whether you are a prospective student, parent or teacher please feel free to reach out for more information.


The Admissions team is comprised of Miss Fiona, Miss Janet, Miss Niki led by Miss Olivia. They are all highly experienced in dealing with parents from different cultures and nationalities from all around the world. Contact our Admissions team for any queries and information regarding your children joining CAIS. Our Admissions team speak both English and Chinese.


Tel: (+86) 431-8458-1234 ext 240

The School Office

School Office is a sanctuary of wisdom and warmth, serving as a bridge between home and school, nurturing the growth of students and teachers. Within this passionate office, each member carries a love for education and shoulders the responsibility of communication, assistance, and support.

Our goal is to collaborate closely with parents, listening to your voices, addressing your concerns, and assisting you in creating a unique educational experience. No matter what challenges or confusions you may face, we will spare no effort in providing you with assistance.

"Only by tracing the source can a river be clear." We firmly believe that only through working together with parents can children achieve comprehensive growth in the education provided by CAIS.

If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact the School Office. We will do our utmost to resolve any difficulties you encounter in CAIS education. Let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow and paving the way for children's future!

Contact Information:
Phone: (+86) 0431-8458 1234 ext. 802/803/804/526/570/592

Please be informed that all financial matters will be directly handled by the Finance Office.

Human Resources

Our HR team works tirelessly to support our 60+ expatriate teachers and their families in allocating school apartments, sorting out visas, medicals, etc. The HR team also works with reputable international educator recruitment organizations for the hiring of new teachers, including International Staffing Services (ISS) and Search Associates. HR also attends recruitment fairs along with the Principals both in China and internationally. The HR team is comprised of Miss Lucy and Miss Lareina who are providing high-quality services to teachers.




Location Map

The school is located at 2899 Dong Nan Hu Road, Changchun.

Please give this address in Chinese to the driver:


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