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CAIS 2019-20 Yearbook

It was decided to postpone the annual production of the school yearbook primarily to allow for all the events in the school year right up to the end of June to be included. This was not possible previously and events such as graduation were excluded due to the publishing deadlines. Thank you kindly to all the Team who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

The 2019-20 Student Yearbook Team was led by Mr Timothy Percevez and Ms Julia Kang.

F a n , Z h I , Tong (Alisa)

L i m , K i h e o n (Jason)

Jung, Hee Lim (Jenny)

Jay Andre Pantino Rojas

Yang, Dong Sh u o (Ji m m y )

Kim, Joo Young (John)

 Ms Christine Maritz and Ms Sarah Boyle for putting together Early Years & Primary

A special additional thank you to Mr Tim for overseeing the digital production. 


The 2019-20 CAIS School Yearbook has been produced digitally in two separate sections for easy download. The quality has been optimized for printing quality if desired. 

Download by clicking on the desired section below: