Secondary Water Fun & PHE & Color Run

Primary Water Fun & Color Run

DP1 TOK Exhibition:Michelle- What role do experts play in influencing our consumption or acquisition pf knowledge?

DP1 TOK Exhibition:Bernardo Brisola Lopez- To what extent does language shape our perception of the world

DP1 TOK Exhibition:Sofia Echeagaray Garcia - Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers?

DP1 TOK Exhibition:Jorge Cid Ibarra - What is the relationship between personal experience and knowledge

DP1 TOK Exhibition:Isabelle Jeoun-Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers?

Marionette Presentation

PYP5 Exhibition:Nina(Zhang, Qian Yu)-Sweet Secret in Ancient Times

PYP5 Exhibition:Uslu, Kiara Estelle-Designing Clothes

PYP5 Exhibition:Marton, Mira-Learn the Ukulele

MYP5 Moving Up Ceremony

PYP5 Exhibition:Hoffmann, Sebastian Karl-Big Bread Business

PYP5 Exhibition:Weisz, Manna-Harmonies of the heart

PYP5 Exhibition & Moving up Ceremony

MYP5 PP: DD - Picture book about the traditional Chinese clothing culture of Song dynasty (English)

MYP5 PP: Jerry - Chinese Traditional Watercolor and the 24 Solar Terms (English)

K2 Moving Up Ceremony

MYP5 PP: Malona - Making a short video game (English)

MYP5 PP: Luciano Bormann-Discover the Potential of Nuclear Power: Maquette of a Power Plant (Spanish)

MYP5 Personal Project: Helen Winkler- Writing a Blog about a dog rescue operation (German)

MYP5 Personal Project: Paul Hayes-Powering the Future: Exploring Sustainable Energy Sources (English)

MYP5 Personal Project Exhibition

Dragon Boat Races

Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony Highlights

Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony Highlights

Book Fair

CAIS campers and trekkers - DofE practice hike

Celebrating the 2024 International Community Festival Together

CAIS Tigers - DAIS Dalian Invitational - Badminton

CAIS Tigers - DAIS Dalian Invitational - Swimming

CAIS Tigers - DAIS Dalian Invitational - Swimming

CAIS Pi-Day Inter-House Math Competition

Book Week

Winter Camp-Ski and Xishuangbanna

CAIS Spring Gala 2024

Parent Workshops

CAIS Spring Formal

Chinese Cultural Week

DP 2 Retreat - Pathways to University (Student's work)

Christmas Concert 2023

CAIS Christmas Market 2023

Chinese Cuisine Courses

Inquiry-based Learning in the Age of AI

2023 Thanksgiving Concert

Parent Workshop 2023

St. Martin's Day (Student Editing) 2023

Secondary Halloween (Student Editing) 2023

2023 PYP Halloween

Parent–teacher Conference (PTC) 2023

CAIS Voices: MYP Student Sophie

2023 MYP Sports Day

2023 PYP Sports Day

What is an IB Education?

2023 Early Years Sports Day

2023 U.S. University Education Fair

New Parents Interview

Greetings from CAIS New Faculty

First Day|Welcome to the new school year!

Welcome Message from the Principals for the New Academic Year 2023-24

2022-2023 CAIS Events

2023 ECA Advanced Basketball Game-2

Shrek Jr. the Musical BTS

Shrek Jr. the Musical Trailer

Tibet·Heart Journey Art Exhibition | Student Interview MYP Cindy & Lily