Whole School Academic Leadership Team

From left to right: Santo Kurniawan - DP Coordinator, James McCrory - Head of School and Acting Secondary Principal, Flynn Boyle - MYP Coordinator, Colin Attwood - PYP Coordinator, Agustin Onsari - Primary Principal

The CAIS Whole School Academic Leadership Team (WSALT) is comprised of the Head of School, the Secondary and Primary Principals and the three IB Programme Coordinators for PYP, MYP and DP. The team meets regularly through a morning briefing, as well as formal scheduled meetings.

Senior Management Team

The running of the school is coordinated through the Senior Management Team

from left to right

Ms. Joyce Zhou CAIS Head of OPS, Ms. Yu Jiang DISC Head of OPS,  Ms. Irene Chou the Vice President, Mr. Daniel Chou, FounderCEO, Mr. Frank Pitzner, DISC Principal,  Mr. Agustin Onsari CAIS Early Years and Primary Principal, Mr. James Mc Crory the CAIS Head of School and Acting Secondary Principal, Ms.  Aggie Liu Head of Academic Affairs and Ms. Darrie Day,  Head of HR.