The Governance structure of CAIS has recently been reviewed as part of the joint CIS/WASC Accreditation process (see the Accreditations page for details). The new governance of CAIS is modeled on international standards and best practices in international education. The resulting changes to the structure, organization, or personnel has been communicated to the CAIS community during the Annual General Meeting (see the Strategic Planning page for details).

CAIS Board

The school is governed by the CAIS Board, chaired by the CEO and Founder Mr. Daniel Chou and the Vice President Mrs. Irene Chu. Their children, Catherine and Christopher, complete the Board.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The school leadership also works closely with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and there are regularly scheduled meetings with the PTA and the school leadership throughout the year. 

During the new academic year, a new PTA Charter was created and approved by the CAIS Board. We hope that this charter will provide guidance to those who are elected to lead the PTA, as well as provide clarity for our entire community regarding the function and purpose of the CAIS PTA.

The PTA Charter can be located here .

PTA elections will be held each September for the current academic year. We invite any person who is interested in serving as a PTA committee member to consider running for election Period.

From left to right: Secretary - Desiree Dong; Treasurer - Zhimin Zhang,  PTA Chairman - Vivian Gong , PTA Co-Chariperson - Emöke Abay , PTA Teacher Representative - Erica He