SWD Dental Hospital Dental Checkup孙卫东口腔义诊


On March 20th, our old friend SWD Dental Hospital came to CAIS again to help 300 PYP students check their teeth.



The Doctors told students that the most harmful behavior for teeth is eating candies and irregularly brushing the teeth. For optimum health, students should brush their teeth at least twice per day. We found some of the students have the problem of dental caries. The doctors have noted the places of the decayed teeth, and we hope parents can check it and see the dentists soon.  


CAIS also pays great attention to our children's dental health. Many Kindergarten students brush their teeth after school lunch and we suggest everyone does the same. When brushing teeth becomes a habit, dental health will naturally follow us!


We'd like to say thank you to SWD's dentists and nurses. We will follow your advice, and eat less candies, brush teeth regularly and protect our teeth from now on.


We want to teach our children the ability to take care of themselves. As a school, we believe teaching only knowledge and academic skills is outdated. Instead, we are also concerned with teaching children how to be the best version of themselves: mind, body, and soul. The “Well-Round education” is not only about the mastery of knowledge and techniques, but also about becoming your best self through healthy, daily practices.