Personal Project Showcase MYP5 个人成果展示—自信成长,IBDP,我们来了!


On March 8th, the MYP5 Personal Project Showcase finally opened in the CAIS 1st floor Foyer.


The Personal Project is the final exhibition for the Middle Years Programme students. They utilize their knowledge, skills, and actions to demonstrate their learning achievements of the last school year.


What is MYP5 Personal Project?


The Personal Project is a significant piece of work produced over an extended period and is the product of the students' own initiative and creativity. The personal project is an opportunity for students to study something that really interests them. Also, it allows students to show the skills they have developed over the years in and out of school and apply them to their chosen area of interest. It should be something that students really feel passionate about, because they devote such a large amount of time in order to complete the project.


Madhvan’s Personal Project: Designing an Educational Game for the Primary Years Program


I chose this topic because I wanted to use my skills in coding, animation and music. I hope that I can help our school community by making an Educational Game.

Mr. Adam helped me a lot with my Personal Project. With his help, I was able to make my Project better, more feasible for my timeline, and test the final version of the game.


As for the songs for my game, I asked a few kids for advice and they shared their opinions, which was really nice.


During the whole process, I had a lot of difficulties in writing and organizing the code, but when I saw students and teachers being immersed in my game, I was proud of myself and felt confident for my future.


Jimmy's Personal Project: Holographic-Display Music Player


In the process of choosing this topic, Jimmy didn’t know which topic he would choose from: Sports, Music, or Technology. Therefore, he drew a mind map to help him make a decision.


Jimmy loves computer science and AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality). In regard to his interests, he decided to create a Holographic-display Music Player. The player projected the images to different directions. Combined with the sound of music, it looked like a dancing melody in the air.


Jimmy told us that the most important thing for designing and implementing the plan was time management skills. He suggested that we should use the Time Four Quadrants to organize the work, which could effectively and wisely guide us to finish any project.


We are delighted and surprised to find that our students chose so many different fields, such as culture, education, art, history, and computer Science. But the most valuable lesson is the reflection that the project has given them the opportunity to engage in.


The Personal Project showcase is the physical, tangible result of the comprehensive education of IB learners. In the process of transforming the knowledge into action, students gradually find out their own learning methods. The IB MYP5 PP(Personal Project Showcase) is the best simulation exercise to aid in the transition to DP. 

这次成果展示无疑是对IB学习者综合素质的一次绝佳考验。在运用知识转化为行动的过程中,同学们渐渐摸索出了自己行之有效的学习方法,IB MYP5成果展示是过渡到DP的一次最好的模拟练习。 

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At this moment, we all believe that our students have confidence in themselves and in the future of IBDP. Nothing is impossible, and nothing can stop a positive heart!


Let’s remember this moment and their confident faces. We are so happy to see our young students using their creativity, passion and curiosity to change our community and make this a better world!