Mini-Marathon Invitation 迷你马拉松邀请


Dear Parents,


CAIS is participating in the Mini-Marathon Fundraiser at Jingyuetan National Park on 2019/06/16. Vasarun is the company that is organizing the event, however CAIS is supporting our students and parents to enter the event to raise money for Sweet Sun Kindergarden. As part of a Service as Action project, some MYP4 and MYP5 students are helping to organize this sponsored run, to raise money to buy tables and chairs for the Kindergarden.


The race will be physically demanding, so some preparation will be required before the event. Every student joining the CAIS team will require parental consent and PYP students must have a parent accompanying their child on the day. There will be a CAIS Support Team organized for the event, with some teachers running alongside students and some teachers stationed along the route to assist students during the race, as well as official marshals and first aid support. 


The details for the race are given below:


Date日期: 2019/06/16

Cost费用: 100 RMB before 2019/04/18  4月18日前,100元

Location地点: Jinyuetan National Park净月潭国家公园

Time时间: 07:30AM

Distance距离: 7km

Age Restriction年龄: 6 years old and above 6岁及以上

If you child is interested in entering in this event, then they should prepare to be fit enough to run or walk the distance by 2019/06/16. If you would like your child to take part in the event, then please fill in the required details and the parental consent slip and return to your child's homeroom teacher.


To enter, please find your homeroom teacher and fill in the registration form with 100RMB by 2019/04/18. The Mini-Marathon Fundraiser will provide students with a great opportunity to improve their health, whilst raising money for a worthy organization. We are looking forward to an exciting event for the whole school community to enjoy towards the end of the academic year. We hope you can join us.

如 欲报名,请于2019/04/18前找班主任老师填写资料并上交100元人民币活动费。迷你马拉松筹款活动将为学生们提供一个很好的机会来强健他们的体 魄,同时还可以为慈善事业做出一份自己的贡献。我们期待着在学年即将结束之际,全校师生都能参与到这项万众瞩目的活动中来。真诚期待您的加入。

Best Regards



Mr. Owen Haywood                                 

Mini-Marathon Organizer



Mr. James McCrory

Secondary Principal