CAIS IB Parents Workshop |English Version


Parents, students and teachers are three indispensable elements of a school. Parents are the keys to the communication between students and teachers. As an IB integrated International School, we have the responsibility to build a more efficient community for all the learners where we are able to share the philosophy of IB and some advice with our parents.

On March 16th, the 3 multi-functional halls were full of CAIS parents, who benefited significantly from the lively training.

Choices at DP and Career paths

How to choose DP courses for the students? The first thing is to take a reflective survey! We encourage students to explore their interests and then search for the information of the universities which offer that major. During this period, it is of great help for the students to ask our consultant and the subject teachers for some advice.

During the process of choosing courses from the six subject groups in DP, students really need to consider carefully. It is better to get 5s & 6s in HL (High Level) courses than get 6s & 7s in SL (Standard Level) courses. Therefore, students are expected to take initiative, communicate with the subject teachers, and do online research as soon as possible so that they are able to make the final decision to choose their courses in DP.

The Core of the Diploma Program: The Extended Essay, TOK & CAS

EE (extended essay), TOK (theory of knowledge) and CAS (creation, activity and service) are three elements of the IB DP core. After comparing with the curriculums of Grade 11 and Grade 12 in other school around the world, we find that:

No other program has anything like TOK.

No other program has anything as demanding as EE. 

In fact, it is easier for students to get into the top universities if they take DP courses. At the same time, students are required to meet the challenge of DP with courage and confidence, and the cooperation of parents is greatly needed as well. Mr. Joseph kindly gave three suggestions for parents: trust, care, and expression of appreciation. We hope that we can work together with parents to help our students complete all IB tasks.

The Importance of the IB Education-From PYP Perspective

Let’s imagine what will happen to the world when today’s 4-year-old students graduate from college in the year 2035? 

We can't stop learning. The IB mission states that all children should strive to be "lifelong learners". Therefore, the 10 learner profiles illustrate that only those who acquire the ability of learning can adapt themselves to the trends of the times. No matter how fast the world changes, no matter how many subjects disappear in the future, the ability of learning is always the key to following the trends of the times. We are so fortunate that the IB curriculum empowers students with the ability of learning!

Outdoor Education Workshop- ALL Secondary Parents

Outdoor education is a good way to improve students' self-sustaining skills, confidence, and problem-solving ability. Therefore, we encourage students to participate in outdoor education, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is offered to develop students' interests through voluntary service and physical exercise, and to enhance their lives with an optimistic attitude.


We have developed a plan for a one-week diving trip to an Asian-Pacific country, and through this event, students can not only obtain the PADI Open Water Certification, but also gain confidence and learn about one’s identity.

Preparing 21st Century Learner

Parents play vital roles in promoting students’ independence and the development of skills and attitudes.

During the training, we interacted with parents, and let them experience the learning process of students at school. Parents talked freely about their experience on how to help children at home. Communication and interaction benefited every participant, which made them begin to reflect on the new ways of cultivating the 21st century young learners!

Mathematical Inquiry

Mathematics education has the most logical way of thinking. You are welcome to check the following figure: There are different requirements of data graphs for students of different grade levels. The higher the grade level is, the higher the requirements are. From simple drawing to data interpretation and growth rate, knowledge is processed in the same field.

We encourage learning rules and logical concepts through games to analyze the causal relationship of life. In this way, students are able to develop their own logical concepts and distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. Mathematics is a basic subject which is so close to our life, so we hope all the children can have fun with mathematics.

Many parents ask the same question when they first came to CAIS: We don't need to do anything after my child is admitted to your school, is it right?

Our answer will always be: The growth of children always needs your participation! But, don't rush to get the quick result. The key point is to acquire the skills. A qualified parent is not supposed to be the one who checks the homework every day.

For parents, we really hope that you will always be an active life-long learner who is along with your children! Good habits can be developed with the help of both school and parents. The aim of the IB Parent Workshop is to give some advice and guidance to our parents so that they can master the skills in the most scientific way, which can definitely contribute to the bright future of the children. Through the collaboration and support of parents, we wish at CAIS all the students can be the well-rounded global citizens in the future.