DIY Burger—My Own Burger| DIY汉堡-我的汉堡我做主

美校宣 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Recently, changes have been quietly taking place on CAIS MYP Lunch.


CAIS chefs used to make delicious hamburgers for teachers and students on Fridays. However, we noticed wastes of burgers have been a serious problem.

After asking a lot of students for opinions, our Head of School Mr. James suggested that students make DIY burgers by themselves, instead of the traditional way of Lunch Service. We started to have the DIY Burgers on the 22nd of March.


We are surprised to find: veggie burgers, all meat burgers, and double burgers. Some students say that they like DIY burgers. Before, they could only take it, no matter what was inside。


Chinese Style 

Burger Bun


Western Style

 Burger Bun


Now, they can choose their favorite flavors, sweet or salty, with cucumber or without it. In this way, there is less waste than before. It’s so great!


So, at noon, all the children enjoyed the hamburgers made just the way they like it. Students are happiest and most satisfied by their lunch when they get to Make the Choices!


From Kitchen Team:

Like our students, we are learning and reflecting on how to make more nutritious food. Therefore, we have listened to students’ opinions and analyzed the food compositions to constantly improve our dishes. We believe the memories of the delicious food will remain in their hearts for a long time. If, one day, when they remember their time at CAIS, we hope they will say “I miss my school lunch!”. Then all the work we have done will have been worth it.